• A balk is when the pitcher is (in contact) with the pitcher’s plate (holding the ball) and commits an illegal act with runner(s) on base. NFHS Rule 2-3, NFHS Rule 6-1-1
  • It is an immediate dead ball. NFHS Rule 5-1 Dead Ball Table, Activity #20, NFHS Rule 6-1-3 Penalty
  • Award: Each runner is awarded one base. NFHS Rule 2-3, NFHS Rule 8-3-1-a
  • If no runner(s) are on base during an illegal act, a ball is awarded to the batter’s pitch count. NFHS Rule 6-1-3 Penalty
  • A balk in high school baseball is an (immediate dead ball). NFHS Rule 5-1 Activity #20
  • Time is called and it is a no pitch
  • Should a pitch that is called a balk be hit into play, the play is nullified, and all runners are awarded one base. NFHS Award #20