Adult Softball

Amherst Slow pitch:

Team Mangers :

A question came up last week related to the new rule that allows teams
to designate one player (before the game starts) that will always be run
for once that designated player reaches base. The runner to be used will
be the last out and not count towards he five other runners allowed.

Here is the clarification :

If during the game a team decides to use one of their allowed five
courtesy runners and the last out is the player that is the designated
player to be run for all game, that player is skipped and you go to the
next last out to be the courtesy runner . skipping the designated runner
does not count towards your allotted five courtesy runners.

Also remember that the player designated to be run for is only for the
one player indicated before the game. If that player comes out of the
game, the designation does not transfer to his replacement or any other
player on the team.

  Kevin Kerr