Uniform Standards

WNYUA Baseball Uniform Standards – 2022 Season

Caps – You are required to wear a Black or Navy cap with embroidered WNYUA for all games assigned to you by our association. Caps with any other logo or blank caps MUST NOT BE WORN.

Softball – High School and Recreation Uniform
– Navy cap (WNYUA logo)
– Powder Blue short-sleeve shirt w/ navy/white trim (no logo)
– Navy Blue jacket w/ White, Wavy, and Powder Blue shoulder inserts (no logo)
– Navy Blue, White, or Black undershirt
– Black belt
– Heather Gray trousers
– Navy Blue socks
– Black shoes
– Navy Blue or Heather Gray ball bags

Baseball – High School

    HS Sectional Playoffs – Black uniform is required for all high school playoff games from Sectional and beyond.
    HS Regular season and District Playoffs – Black, Navy Blue or Power Blue uniforms may be worn

    HS Black Uniform
    Black cap, Black shirt, Black jacket, Black ball bag and Black undershirt

    HS Navy and Powder Blue Uniforms
    Navy cap, Navy or Power Blue shirt, Navy jacket, Navy ball bag, Navy or Red undershirt
    Shirts can be short sleeve or long sleeve, but must have NYSBUA embroidered logo
    Jacket must have NYSBUA embroidered logo
    NYSBUA and WNYUA logo items can be ordered through our approved vendors through WNYUA website

    Baseball – Recreation Uniforms
    Shirts – In addition to the high school uniforms above, you may wear other color umpire shirts, with or without NYSBUA logo. (Red, Pro Blue, Cream, White, Gray, etc.) It is okay for 1 umpire to wear a jacket or long sleeve shirt and the partner umpire wear a short sleeve shirt. Partners should be wearing the same color caps, shirts and pants.
    Undershirt – Color should match trim color in shirt
    Pants – Heather Gray or Charcoal Gray (partners should wear same color pants)
    Belt – Black
    Socks – Black
    Shoes – Black (or predominately black) no sandals, white or bright colored footwear

    NOTE: Uniform standards may be more stringent for certain tournaments.
    Please check with the President/UIC and/or Softball Rules Interpreter for clarification.

    Items that are NOT APPROVED at any time:
    – Caps other than WNYUA hats (including NSA, ASA, college groups, conferences, blank hats)
    – Uniform shirts/jackets with logos from other umpiring groups (including NSA, ASA, college groups/conferences)
    – Uniform shirts and/or jackets with numbers
    – Long Sleeve undershirts with Short Sleeve uniform shirts. Wear a jacket or long-sleeve uniform if necessary.